Evaluation & Research


Pamela M. Yates, Ph.D. is a Credentialled Evaluator since 2019 with the Canadian Evaluation Society and a specialist in evaluation and performance measurement in human services and government programs.

When knowledge is translated into practice, it is essential to evaluate its relevance, impact, and effectiveness. Evaluation and performance measurement help organizations to assess their programs’ progress, make adjustments to improve the program based on relevant data, and demonstrate the programs’ overall success. Evaluation helps organizations to better understand their programs and how impacts are achieved and, in doing so, ensures that programs and initiatives are increasingly evidence-informed.

Cabot Consulting and Research Services provides a full suite of evaluation services:

  • Performance measurement: Developing indicators to assess progress and results

  • Program logic models

  • Administrative and program reviews

  • Methodologies for small projects to complex programs and initiatives

  • Short and long-term strategic evaluation planning

  • Peer review and consultation

All services are tailored to each organization’s individual needs.

We have experience in evaluation in criminal justice, public health, and other social impact initiatives. A sample list is available here.

Relevant Professional Memberships

Canadian Evaluation Society https://evaluationcanada.ca/