Welcome to My New Website!

The theme of my work and practice has always been that it be evidence-informed. This is based, not surprisingly, on research that shows greater impacts when our work is guided by research. For example, when we use research-based tools to assess risk, we are much more accurate in our conclusions. It is also my personal view that it is incumbent upon us to use research and evidence in order to best serve our clients and our communities.

Throughout my career, as I have sought to apply these principles in my work, I discovered that I had a knack for translating research and technical information into practice. I also learned that I enjoy doing this – a “win-win” situation. This is referred to today as knowledge translation: “… the umbrella term for all of the activities involved in moving research from the laboratory, the research journal, and the academic conference into the hands of people and organizations who can put it to practical use (source: Wikipedia). While there are different definitions, knowledge translation simply means that information needs to be available and accessible to those who use it.

In establishing Cabot Consulting and Research Services, it was my goal to provide training and research services to criminal justice and correctional services that would help them advance their work and better serve their clients using research and best practices. My keen interest in research and its impact on changes to policies and practices led me to pursue program evaluation and performance measurement – measuring our work regularly and formally to ensure we are being effective and efficient.

This first blog is an effort to introduce my approach and how I apply it to providing forensic psychology, training, research, and evaluation services.

Rather than blogging on a regular schedule, I will blog when I have something to say, for example, when there is new research that I can translate into practice.